Aaron is dedicated to getting people on their hands in the safest and most sustainable way possible.

Your first session begins with an assessment to work out what YOU need to do to achieve the handstand in the quickest, but also safest way possible. The aim is to get you moving in a way that prepares your body and mind, and won't leave you broken and bruised.

It is hard work, but hard work that is catered to your level.

 You will receive a routine to practice 2-6 days over the week (depending on how much time you have available), and then you'll have a weekly check-in, where Aaron will drill you on certain areas of weakness and check that your form in the exercises is still up to scratch. You will receive a new training program every 6 weeks to ensure that you are always gaining as much from your training as possible.

Also on offer are group workshops for your gym, yoga studio, or training/performance space.  These can be one-off or semi-regular.  Your students will leave with a solid understanding of the basics and how they can progress their handstand jouney.